Children Camp

About Us

KAC has been founded in June 2018 in the community of Ras Al Khaimah. The centre is family operated based on the believe that everybody has a skill that he can share and teach to others and everybody wants to develop to become somebody. We want to provide this platform. 

A dedicated group of Educators, Trainers and Artists who believe that "to teach is to touch a life forever" and young visionaries/great leaders of tomorrow. 


To be the N1 platform in providing the opportunity for every child and adult to learn any skill he or she dreams about 


We will create a hub for everyone to share their knowledge & abilities to help others to discover hidden talents. 


The target is to build a platform for members of the community to enrich their lives and the lives of others. Focusing on a broad variety of skills and activities, KAC gives chance to everyone to try, test, improve and develop their skills and eventually their lives. 

First and foremost however, KAC is place where people come together, spend time with each other instead of with smartphones or other technical gadgets. They learn from each other and rediscover their inner child in order to live a richer, more aware life. 

Saturday Play Camp
Music Classes